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woensdag, juli 25, 2007

Schrijvers over eten in UK: the blog people

Net ontdekt dat er in Groot Britannie en gilde van kook- en eetschrijvers bestaat. Met een aardige website. http://www.gfw.co.uk/
Eerder deze maand organiseerden ze een bijeenkomst rond het thema BLOG
We can't afford to ignore bloggers. Blogging is an important and influential aspect of food writing, with more and more new writers being commissioned on the strength of a good blog. Established food writers read them regularly, to stay in touch with the zeitgeist. Journalists are often asked to start blogs by their employers. A month ago The Observer launched its own blog, Word of Mouth, while Charles Campion writes a blog for The Evening Standard and the Caterer magazine has several blogs.
It's imperative that YOU know all about the medium, or you'll risk appearing outdated and unprofessional.
With this in mind, we've asked Anthony, writer of a successful food blog under the pseudonym Silverbrow to come and explain all about blogs and forums, what they are, how they matter and who the anoraks that populate them are. He'll explain tools needed to start a blog, with vital tips for those of us who want to start one ourselves, and point us in the direction of some interesting blogs and food websites. He also promises veer off into the murky world of food forums, where chefs, writers and obsessed amateurs get together to talk.
Miss this workshop at your peril!

Lees Silverbrows blog voor een bespreking van de bijeenkomst. Boeiende bloglectuur.


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