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woensdag, augustus 29, 2007

Food Fashionista 2

Op een Californisch blog vind ik de Food trends voor dit jaar. Sommige zijn herkenbaar, andere zooooooo Amerikaans.

Get to know your beef. Steaks are big, even bigger than last year. But ordering one in 2007 requires a personal relationship with the steak. Where is it from? How long was it aged? Did it graze near all the best schools? What is its astrological sign? Who were its parents? This year, make sure your filet comes with a full genealogy report.

Foie gras is faux pas. And apparently even illegal in some places. Imagine a dinner raid by the SWATGADLD (Special Weapons and Tactics - Goose and Duck Liver Division). Could be messy.

Park the pomegranates. They are soooo 2006. And it is mostly because we cannot figure out what to do with that mountain of little seeds that piled up on us last year. Zouden ze daar niet weten dat je de pitten moet drogen en gebruiken om taai vlees type schoenzool mee mals te krijgen?

Kinder, gentler seafood. No more politically incorrect catch of the day. Feel good fish is in. Go ahead and have the tilapia, but leave the Chilean Seabass for your great great grandchildren to someday enjoy.

Natural foods give way to local foods.

Reality TV Food Network. Just when you thought they had cooked it all, wait until they start with the creative combinations. Be prepared to see things like Survivor Iron Chef, where they drop determined chefs onto a deserted island to see what they can cook up with sand and this weeks secret ingredient – GONGGGG - seagull droppings.

It is all Greek. Finally. I have been waiting for Greek food to be the next big thing, and it looks like this could be the year. Wont someone please open something wonderfully Greek on Atlantic Ave? Please? I will even bring my own plates to break, if that is what it takes. Daar lopen de Amerikanen dan toch behoorlijk achter, hier struikel je over Zorba, Olympia, Cleopatra en dergelijke tenten, waar je overigens zelden een Griek in de keuken zult aantreffen.

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