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dinsdag, maart 11, 2008

Spring in the garden

Wild cherries with their softpink flowers, purple violets, bright blue periwinkle,soft willow catkins decorate our garden. They clash with the bright yellow of the daffodils, mahonia, forsythia and celandine. Somehow in Spring it is not too bad. But luckily the yellow is gone by Eastern and only their bright greens remain. The roses are running wild all over the garden and we have been pruning them diligently last weekend. Ramblers tend to get out of hand, that is why we like them so much, but sometimes one needs to be very firm with them. And the climbing roses needed that same firm hand, as well as the rosebushes. A lot still remains to be done, as I am still not fighting fit.
The Parma violets can be used in the kitchen. Sprinkle them over a salad, use them as a garnish for young peas, or sugar snaps. With patience you can ice them. With a tiny brush you cover the leafs with beaten eggwhite, then dust them with icing sugare. Let dry and use for decoration of cakes or icecream.


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