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maandag, maart 10, 2008

Strawberries in abundance

This was our delicious Sundaymorning breakfast. Completely wrong considering foodmiles, but these Spanish strawberries looked very tempting and tasted great.
So without guilt but with enthusiasm we devoured them raw and straight from the crate.
What we also could have done if we had not been so greedy:
1. dip them in melted chocolate and let dry. If you have a very sweet tooth use white chocolate and add a little cointreau or Grand Marnier. If you like your chocolate dark, add a few drops of dark rum, or brandy.
2. we could have made a salad with fresh basil leaves and pepper
3. we could have marinated them in Fraise the Bois liqueur with a dash of vanilla sugar.
We might try all of that later this year.


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