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donderdag, januari 10, 2008

More Potatoes

As this is the year of the potato, it may be a good idea to dive into the bookshelves and dig up some books about the subject. Ten years ago Alma Huisken published a book dedicated to the potato, with a variety of recipes from all over the world. I love potatosalads, and the recipes include one with a dressing of blue cheese. Really tasty and simple to make.
You need: 8 large potatoes with a red skin, such as Roseval; 3 hardboiled eggs (Why does that sound so Marxbrotherian? Ah, yes, Night at the Opera), 4-6 celery, 2 spring onions, 10 cornichons or small gherkins.
For the dressing: 100 g. blue cheese, like Danish Blue, Roquefort, Bleu de Auvergne, or Gorgonzola or whatever you can find and like, a tablespoon or a little more sour cream, creme fraiche or yoghurt.
What you do: Cut the potatoes with their jacket - if necessary clean them first - and cut hem in cubes, then cook them in lightly salted water until almost done. Pour them in a colander and let them steam dry. Boil the eggs, let them cool, then dice them. While the eggs are cooling: clean the celery and spring onions and cut them in rings, dice the cornichons. Mix well.
Prepare the dressing: cut the cheese in small pieces, mix with the sour cream, or other dairy product (I use soy yoghurt), stir with a fork to make a smooth mixture, if necessary press it through a sieve.
Put all the ingredients in a large saladbowl or deep dish and pour the dressing over it.
I like the potatoes still a little warm.


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Blogger Schnuppschnuess zei...

That recipe sounds very very delicious.

By the way. Is it ok, if I write in German? You can write in Dutch, if you like. I can read and understand your language, but unfortunately, I can't talk and write Dutch. I think, it is easier for the two of us to write in our first language, isn't it?

For Germans, I think, one of the most difficult words to pronounce is: "Gereedschapskist". I like it!

I also like the painting in "potato". Who painted it?

15 januari 2008 om 22:12  
Blogger Lizet Kruyff zei...

Natuurlijk Duits, OK, I'm practically bilingual, so I switch between Dutch and Denglish ;-).
Nog een moeilijk woord? NAGELSCHAARTJE.
Wie het schilderij maakte weet ik eigenlijk niet meer, datering in ieder geval 19e eeuw.

16 januari 2008 om 09:18  

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