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dinsdag, februari 05, 2008

Vitamin C, E and minerals

I own a sort of veggiebible, that gives a lot of information about what is healthy in veggies and fruit. I bought it in Strassbourg in 2000, in a wonderful bookshop there across from the even more interesting cafe Broglie.
The book is written by dr. Serge Rafal and is called Alimentation Anti-oxydante,. Rafal works at the hospital Tenon in Paris and explaines how one can influence ones health by eating the right stuff. Now, in the bleak months of winter, we can do with a lot of extra vitamin C. But why buy expensive tablets, when you can grab instead 100 gram of:
persil: 200 mg
red or green pepper: 170 mg
brussels sprouts: 120 mg
cabbage (red, Chinese, green, cauliflower: 100 mg
And if you want to add vitamin E to your menu choose 100 g of:
Almonds, peanutbutter, hazelnuts, sunflowerseeds or oil, oliveoil, or sweet potatoes.
Zinc is present in nice quantities in sunflowersees, soy beans, white beans and lentilles. Selenium in garlic, broccoli, carots, mushrooms, cabbages, onions, and tomatoes.
So, it is a good idea to eat more mixed salads, bean soups, and stir fry dishes.
More: www.psychologies.com/article.cfm/article/1990/Antioxydants-les-aliments-anti-vieillesse.htm


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