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woensdag, maart 05, 2008

Iranian cuisine

No picture today. Two recipes have become muddled in my memory. When C. and I started living and thus cooking together, now more then thirty years ago, we liked to experiment. In 1978 we bought a cookerybook with recipies from Greece, Turkey, Libanon, Israel and Iran. We used it so often that the pages are now no longer glued to the cover. A few were absolute favorites, among them the famous Qormeh sabzi. No, you will not get the recipe, google and you will find plenty of them. Main ingredients lamb, spinach, chickpeas. But....
In my memory this recipe would include garlic, orange,raisins and almonds and the spices would be more than just kurkuma. So, obviously, though most of the recipe was just as I thought, something was wrong. And I cannot find the recipe that I had in mind. Anyway, the way we prepared it yesterday evening was fantastic. We used chicken instead, but lamb really would survive better in the combo.
Stew onion, garlic, lamb with couscous spices, harissa and kurkuma. Stir in the almonds and raisins and pieces of orange. Stir well, add a little water and let simmer till lamb well done. Add the chickpeas (I use a tin) and then stir in lots of spinach, as much as possible, it wilts so beautifully. But do not let it wilt completely. Serve it when the leafs are still recognizible. Oh, and add black pepper and salt during the stewing as much as you like.
But, why do I think this is an existing dish? And if so, what is it? And where did I find it? A walk down culinary memory lane and getting nowhere. Well, that is not completely true, it was really a good, hearty and spicy evening meal.


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