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donderdag, maart 06, 2008


Ami des Jardins, March 1951, 6 pages dedicated to soup in all its aspects.
But look at the picture. Farmerfather with his hat still on his head is listening to the radio. No doubt the wheatherforecast, while mother is reading a story to the only child. The table is prepared, the winebottle and one glass (no doubt for the hubby)are predominant. This is the ideal farmersfamily of the fifties in France?

The soul of the soup and all types of soup are explained: julienne de hiver, light green soups, pureed veggie soups, cremes, soups with grains, veloutees, dinnersoups, the potees, chickensoups, fishsoups, pot au feu with lamb or sheep.

Add a little soupphilosophy and stir well.
A good soup must have a fine perfume that whets the appetite. It should not smell of fats that are heated too much, nor of rancid cooking pot or utensils. And most important: to be nourishing and healthy, the soup must be freshly made.

Lots of good but not detailed recipes follow, but I settle for the Potee auvergnate:
for this you need a salted porkhead, which is unavailable these days. Settle for a good piece of ham instead. Add carrots, turnips, leeks, potatoes, and cabbage. Optional: ad a cup of green lentils.
Originally one would eat a slice of bread covered with the broth and part of the veggies and for a second course the porkhead. That sounds all very much like the 17th18th century.


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