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vrijdag, september 18, 2009

Dieet - 2

In 1891 was een mollig figuur juist in de mode, niets slanke lijn, rondingen, en die kon je maar beter van nature hebben, dan uit de kunst. Dan hoefde je je niet te schamen voor je echtgenoot in de slaapkamer. Zo staat het in de adverentie van Ritter & Co. Dealers in Fine General Merchandise. Zou dat de Ritter van de chocola zijn?

Respectfully tell the Ladies
Get Plump

With Professor Williams Famed Fat-Ten-U Foods

Why suffer tortures with interior mechanical devices that artificially fatten? Do not look like the poor unfortunate on the left who, shorn of her artificial inflationary devices and pads, must, in the confines of her bedroom, through shame, try to cover her poor thin figure from the gaze of her beloved spouse.

A Testimonial

The accompanying portrait is that of Sarah MacHenry, Philadelphia, posing with her two sisters, who writes: In four weeks Professor Williams famed FAT-TEN-U FOODS increased my weight 39 pounds, gave me new womanly vigor and developed me finely. My two sisters also use FAT-TEN-U and have gained much needed fleshiness. Because of our newly found vigor we have taken up Grecian Dancing and have leading roles in all local productions.

End Despair

These foods cure nerve and brain exhaustion, which you know as general debility. They make pale folks pink and thin folks plump and weak folks well and despairing folks happy. They will make you young all your life. You know it is better to be a young old woman than an old young woman!

No tonics, nerviness, sarsaparillas, or other medicines are necessary when FAT-TEN-U FOODS are taken. 1.00 dollar a bottle at RITTER AND CO.

Professor Williams Fat-Ten-U Foods are guaranteed to make
The Thin PLUM and ROSY with Honest Fleshiness of Form.


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